• One of the cast members: He'll say 'Chosen one needs a break'.
  • Roxanne McKee: He'll write stuff on his tattoos and say look what the they say today!
"Chosen one in Kings, chosen one in Dominion, are you using this whole chosen one for free coffee at Starbucks?"

— Aaron Sagers moderating Dominion panel

"Well like all politicians he started off with good intentions-well no wait he never started off with any good intentions."

— Anthony Steward Head on Daniel Whele

"Agent Coulson-Director Coulson and Clark Gregg have been slowly merging in my head. And in that moment they went ‘Squeee.’"

— Clark Gregg on Becoming Director Coulson

Agent Carter cast and crew at the Marvel booth signing.

For the very first time Christopher Nolan takes the stage for the Interstellar portion of the Paramount SDCC 2014 Panel.

Well what the trailers were unsuccessful at doing the several minutes of clip for TMNT just got me excited/convinced for the movie.

"-while discussing with her grandson about how a room would be decorated- I said tough. You know what -pauses and looks at name placard- If your under 18 years of age cover your ears. -pauses for a sec and then continues- I said tough shit."

— Lois Lowry during the Giver Panel

Giver Panel Antics

  • Jeff Bridges -when Breton Thwaites gets close-: Don't touch me.
  • Brenton Thwaites: Okay, okay.
  • Lois Lowry: He can touch me all he wants.
"What happens at the Con, stays at the con!"

— Craig Fergurson moderating the Dreamworks Panel